Big graphical slow down?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by KennyBhoy2002, Jan 11, 2002.

  1. Hey everyone...My first msg :D For the past few days my Windows XP Pro has been slowing down graphically...When opening a minimized window....Say I.E or maybe Yahoo Pager...The text and graphics that should be displayed take between 10 to 20 seconds to appear...The cursor goes to the 'egg timer' mode and i can't do anything until it displays the information....I've been running XP for months and have never experienced this before....I've got an Athlon XP wiff 256 meg ram....Just incase anyone tells me my machines slow :p Drives are defragged and i have all the latest drivers. I'm stuck.....Any suggestions please :(

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  3. Thanx m8 but your AMD IDE driver is telling me that i don't have any AMD components in my PC.... :confused:
    And DMA is switched on for both my HD's.....I'm having trouble wiff Bootvis too.....Jessssssus.....Nightmare :D
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    Is there a process hogging the CPU? Press CTRL-ALT-Delete and switch to the processes tab. There you can see how much the processes are using. If one is very high (50%+) during a long time, try to find out what it is (except for System Idle Timer of course).
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    look in your event, system, and app logs to see if there is a driver failure or app failure... also try reloading your vid drivers.... how much ram do you have?
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    Ok, just thought I'd take the time to mention something...Before downloading any drivers or anything of that sort is it best to make sure they are something that is relevant to YOUR can encounter some serious trouble if you just download something labeled AMD or anything like that because just cause you have an amd processor does not mean you would have the components the driver was for which can cause great trouble especially when it comes to something like bus controllers and ide controller drivers...

    I've made the mistake of doing this before and have to go back to a system restore point

    just a warning :)
  7. Thx Qumahlin for the warning....I'll make a mental note....Only thing in my PC that is AMD is the CPU
    I've done CTRL + ALT + DEL....All processes are at 00 practically....Got one 04 and 91 which is the system idle....No driver failure or apps :rolleyes:

    The hunt goes on :D
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    hrmm, i am at a loss here... the only sure fix i can think of is a clean install, but thats always a pain in the arse... um... i will continue to loo for anything...
  9. Words like 'clean install' should be whispered....And your right...It's the biggest pain in the arse :D but i may have too...I'm thinking about more memory but it just baffles me why it happend suddenly and not a gradual slow down.....I thought Windows was getting full of crap or something :rolleyes:
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    Could a faulty memory stick be the problem??
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    *whispers* clean install :p

    Do you leave your computer on 24/7? If so after how many days does it start to slowdown or lag?
  12. Nah my computers never on 24/7......Could sumthing in Services or Regedit be to blame? :eek:
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    Something in serivces could cause it if you shut some of them off.

    I turned off the shell hardware detection and I started to lag. So you might want to turn back, what you turned off, one at a time and see when the lag goes away.
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    KennyBhoy2002:glad ya got the warning :) an explanation why the driver doesn't install is that you don't have the AMD chipset that the driver is for!, you have an amd cpu but that ide driver is only for certain amd chipsets and that is why it does not install :)

    but as for the rest of your problem i'm votin clean install lol, i'm at a loss heehh best of luck fixin it
  15. I fink i've got it....I used one of this sites 'Tweaks' and they have printed it wrong :mad:
    but later in the Tweak they tell you to make the Value 100......i had it set at 0...........Doh :rolleyes:
    Seems to be running better already.....No clean install for me :p

    Thx for the help and advice ladz :D