BFG 9700 GT sli problem

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Davy65, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Davy65

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    Hi all
    New to this support group so hello.
    I was juut needing info on why my new set up on Nvidia 9700 GT in sli on 3D mark at the last test one with the polar camp my graphics start to break up but runs good on all others.
    Also in Ghost recon adv war there is also graphic probs but only on certern parts is it a driver problem im using latest nvidia ones. the temps on gpu,s are ok thanks
    My set up is AMD 3500 64 2 gig ram 480 antec 480 watts power supply Abit an8 Mobo
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  2. Davy65

    Davy65 OSNN One Post Wonder

    Its ok think i found the fault installed the beta driver from nvidia 91.33 fixed the ghost recon prob. Still getting break up on test 4 on 3dmark 06 been dong a few diff benchmarks all run ok so my thinking is must be prob with the software on last test as its always at the same part just near the end.
  3. firyace

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    Nvidia 9700 GT? I thought that the latest is 7950 GX2 :)
    Try to install the latest patch on ghost recon, and install the latest non-beta drivers.
    BTW, did you oc your card, maybe that is the reason...