BF1942 Clan Recruiting

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Lowerinfinity, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. Triple X Is Recruiting Soldiers To Join Us In Battle To Fight!
    In CAL Season 2...! We Need Mature Recruits Over the Age of 21....To Be Dedicated And Willing To Sacrifice Their
    Time...To Become The Best Soldier You Can Be....
    We Need The Kind Of Soldiers That Show Up Every Practice And Scrim .. And Soldiers That Work Well With Others.
    Committed Members Only!!

    Tryouts And Screenings Are Available Now!

    More info at
    Post your resume in the Join [XXX] thread. Put from NTFS somewhere in your resume so we know where you heard of us from.


  2. UberBert

    UberBert Guest

    id tryout but im only 15 :( and i cant run bf on my computer, lol. But ive played alot on my brothers computer when hes not come :D but ya, ive been in like 7 clans, and ran one by myself, and was co-leader of another one, and am in a DoD one and am the co-co-leader, lol :D

  3. Gus K

    Gus K NTFS abuser

    Played with someone called 'xxx'. Was a cheater, using the wall hack on Coral Sea.
  4. re:

    There are several different XXX clans. Some are XxX and xXx and xxx. We are XXX. I dont know if it was someone in our clan, but we have sifted through our members and Swot is working on cleaning it up. Do you remember the users handle?