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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by o0RaidR0o, Jan 9, 2004.

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    ElectronicPunk has removed the link, but just incase you or someone you know comes across it on their own please take notice.

    I pulled these posts off of our brethren site WinXPcentral:

    **WARNING** - I just heard from Dave and he sent us this warning about using Game XP Utility: "You may want to add a warning to your site or remove the link for Game XP Utility. It seems that it may be causing games that run Punk Buster to register this program as a speed hack. I haven't heard any word back from Even Balance, but several people have been banned already do to this program. Just a heads up."

    Post by Spud: “After serious testing of both GameXP and SafeXP, I can say, do not use this software if you want a stable machine.

    There are many things both of these programs do that are really 'unsafe' for your operating system. The changes by GameXP also do not have much of an effect on speeding your games up either, often causing them to crash.
    You have been warned.”

    Post by jgoewert: “After running it, applications could no longer find DirectX. I made a test app and it couldn't load DX anymore either. Even after running the return to default and reinstalled DX9.0b, still no DirectX devices could be created. I've since reinstalled.”

    o0RaidR0o :mad:
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    Thanks for the heads up.
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    whoo pretty nasty :|
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    pfew, I actually thought about installing this thing until I read a few reviews about it... I'm glad I didn't now.
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    uh oh I already installed it...will go back to the default setting when I get home.