best way to install detanators?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by npfanz, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. npfanz

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    I read a tutorial on this page that included using device manager to manually uninstall the video card for which you want to upgrade drivers. In a recently downloaded set of detanators, though, I read that the old drivers can be removed through control panel -> add remove programs. Any ideas on which method provides a better base for updating?

  2. MrWetsnow

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    I would just like to say that I always simply do an upgrade without uninstalling the old drivers and I have yet to have a problem.


  3. da rock

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    best bet is to uninstall your old drvs before installing any new ones.
    try a prog called det.destroyer to do the uninstall. it only takes a
    few minutes and could save you from probs in the future!
    try for the det. destroyer prog.
  4. npfanz

    npfanz Guest

    Yeah I have detanator destroyer but it never works for my computer (not sure why). And I know the old drivers need to be removed, I just need to know which method of removing them is better:

    a) add/remove programs
    b) through device manager

    Probably the same end result, but if there's a difference I would like to know (I know there are many many people on these forums that know more than me so I like input before I do things).

  5. Qumahlin

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    I've yet to ever remove the old drivers and have never had a problem..guess i'm lucky :)
  6. npfanz

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    Good to know. So many websites just make a big deal about getting rid of old drivers, so I thought I'd check. It's probably just for hardcore people that overclock, etc. and care whether or not their 3dmark2001 score is 1000 or 1003.

  7. phishhead

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    this is what I do download turn off my antivirus and double click the file...have't had a problem yet....tried del and reinstalling the driver in win98 tore my shit up wouldn't boot because I would get a blue screen then safe mode would put the generic vid driver...well long story short just upgrade thought I would never say that in an xp forum but in this case works fine.:D