best software for archiving pics from digital cameras?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by muzikool, Apr 9, 2003.

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    I have a Canon Powershot digital camera, which came with the Canon Zoombrowser software. It's alright, but I would like something a bit more powerful and developed. I need the software to be able to download the images from the camera when it is plugged in through USB. That's about the only stipulation I can think of. Any suggestions?
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    I just use XP's in-built camera manager, it pops-up when I connect the camera, copies the pics, renames them, puts them into their own folder, deletes them from the camera (optional) and voilla, job done.
    I did write a bash script for linux once that did the same sort of thing, not much help here tho :p
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    Same here. Love this feature...simple and effective :)
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    I use ACDSee. It has many organizing and browsing features, but the best thing is that you can attach audio files to the photo. I use it to record what the grandparents have to say about old photos taken 50-75 years ago. Great for family history buffs.
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    I did use the Kodak software that came with my DX, but have eventually ditched it & just use the XP installed software - idiot proof and does what I want.