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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SuDs, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. SuDs

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    Can someone let me know which one is best?
  2. yoyo

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    Very popular topic each time. You will probably get at least ten completely different answers. I usually recommend PopUpCop.
  3. sboulema

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    i like the built-in popup stopper in opera, but for IE i like popup stopper companion...
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    best bet to do a search on this site...everyone loves whatevewr they're using, like the pillow you sleep on, that's the I said, do a search on the site for the best answers to this question.
  5. Mubbers

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    I've only used the one and it's called 'Pop Up Killer' (oddly) seems OK but I'm going to check out the others (and report back) as dealer suggested... wait where's the link?

    this site as in here - Xp-erience?

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    "I've only used the one and it's called 'Pop Up Killer' (oddly) seems OK but I'm going to check out the others (and report back) as dealer suggested... wait where's the link?"

    i also use pop up killer and it works great with one exception it seems to eat ram like its going out of style i have 448 megs of ram and the only thing in my system tray are "volume","pop up killer",and"win ram turbo"which keeps my systems ram from reaching a critical low but with pop up killer it goes from 448 megs down to about 223 megs is that normal?hey guys i have another question for you all.all them different pop up stoppers you listed about out of them which ones alows you to add the pop up address to a list so that pop up will never open with the software enabled
  9. RyanC

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    AdShield works great for me. No popups yet to report. Its integrated with IE, so you dont have to load it separately, and you dont even know its running. As to how much RAM it uses, I'm not quite sure, so if anybody knows, fill me in.

    Otherwise, use Mozilla 1.1 which has a built in adblocker which works great for me.
  10. madmatt

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  11. The best is the one that comes with Norton Personal Firewall 2003. It blocks web ads, and if possible, shrinks the size of the page to accommodate for this blank space. Pop ups, unlike some pop-up killers are selectively neutralized with the best engine I have ever seen to stop pop ups. So far, I have never had any pop-ups I have actually wanted to see (clicked on) closed and only 2 pop-ups that I didn't want weren't closed (this is one month now). These results are astounding since I go to... lets just say the sites I go to are well known for pop-ups.
  12. bhxtyrant

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    i have a copy o norton personal firewall 2003 and zone alarm pro 3.0 and they both cause problems on my alarm cause my system to rebbot after about 10 minutes of being active and it just keeps firewall cause a huge slowdown with my DSL connection and causes internet explorer 6 to freeze up its very strange
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    oops double posted
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    I second FreeSurfer. I have used most of the ones out there and without a doubt FreeSurfer has worked best for me.
  16. butcherboys

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    Pop-Up Stopper

    I am partial to pop-up stopper from panicware. But like most say, it is an opinion.
  17. SuDs

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    well thanks for all your help and suggestions

    i found one just perfect for me and i suggest it if u want to, it's called "pop-up stopper" got it from

    I must say i haven't had one pop up yet.
  18. BonyTony

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    mine is

    Pop up Stopper pro from no probs in windows xp and pro version integrates itself into explorer...i dont even notice it no...but 0 pop ups get through.
  19. FreeHannaH

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    Nobody mentions AdSudtract (pro) wich is a pop-up stopper, ad-blocker, cookie manager and internetcleaner in one. It works very intelligent (faked proxy). And it updates regulary. I´m very satisfied.
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