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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by LocKStocK, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. LocKStocK

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    Its time to upgrade.
    I know that the 9800XT pro is the best card out at the moment,
    but there are lots of different brands...(Hercules 9800XT Classic,
    ATI, Asus)...
    Is there any difference between these cards?
    I'm betting the original ATI card is but I'm just checking;)
    Also, anybody know where I can pick one of these up for cheap?
    Cheapest so far is £319!!
  2. Sazar

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    Between Austin and Tampa
    best probably the asus... more expensive but fan is quieter/better and the bundle is ridiculously good...

    general pcb layout is unchanged...
  3. macromp

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    i just bought the sapphire 9800xt from ebuyer (it was £350 but it's gone up to £390 now!) and it's amazing, the fan is quiet amd games run like there's no tomorrow, i would definitely recommend it
  4. barch97

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    I prefer the curvy ones and, of course the card next door types ;)
  5. MJS

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    I brought the Sapphire 9800XT. It seems to be some sort of a basic package because it came with only the leads and a HL2 coupon... no Tomb Raider game like advertised and it only came in a small box. I can't wait to install it on christmas day though!

    O and the ATI original card is a lot slower than the Sapphire version... I read a review on the Sapphire and it compared the original ATI version and the Sapphire version and there was a big fps difference. (Sapphire getting more fps of course :p).

  6. G|ass

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    Sapphire all the way. Asus a close second. I like Sapphire for the Ultimate editions, which have massive heatsinks instead of a fan. Complete silence! GOLD
  7. G|ass

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    Sorry to double post, but MJS, sounds like you picked up an OEM. Read product descriptions closely, and if you can't find anything stating whether it is OEM or retail, email the seller and ask.
  8. Sinster

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    I went from a GeForce 4 Ti4200 8X 128 Megs to a ATI 9800 NP @ 380/324.

    All the Benchmarks for the ATI are great. However I get some video lag which I never got from my nVIDIA especially in DC.
  9. kitct

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    The new HIS Excalibur Radeon 9800 Pro IceQ graphics card may be not only at or near the top-o-the heap but apparantly runs cooler and quieter than its predecessors.

    A review here:

    I love my 9700 Pro but this is most likely goin to be my next. :p
  10. MJS

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    !!... I went onto the site which I brought the card from and the picture clearly shows my box (smaller than usual) and the description only says half life 2 coupon is included. I'm not too bothered because it's not the end of the world that I didn't get tomb raider!

    By the way, does OEM mean anything like SE? I mean, is the OEM version like Substandard, slower and not as good performing? Or is it just the same card, but without all the extras?

  11. theevilsithlord

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    the oem is the exact same card, without the extras, its usually just the card in a white box w/o cables or software
  12. Goatman

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    actually OEMs have been known to use higher NS RAM, and lower quality components in some cases...
  13. Sazar

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    Between Austin and Tampa
    this was the case with some older nvidia cards and others... generally the new gen follows the default pcb layout and component design... the memory can still have different timings though as you said...

    ati cards (r3xx) tend to follow the reference design... most of the nv3x cards tend to do the same... the only differences == memory and hsf design... not too many changes to the basic pcb layout in most cases...