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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by borked, Jul 4, 2002.

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    I'm thinking about demilitarizing this computer from hardware firewall protection because the options in the router are just too limited. Before I do that, of course, I need to set up a software firewall on this computer. I just tried out two popular ones, Sygate Personal Firewall and ZoneAlarm, and neither of them really did it for me. For one thing, neither has the option to specifically authorize specific ports for specific applications. Basically ZoneAlarm just blocked every port but 80 and asked for your permission to let 80 through on any application that requested. Anybody have any suggestions for some good freeware? Or am I going to have to whip out the plastic for what I want?
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    LMAO - no disrespect - but when I saw the "I'm thinking about demilitarizing this computer" I flashed back to my Air Force days and our emergency plans to demilitarize our "classified" electronic equipment to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.

    I could see you sitting there with a sledge hammer, fire ax or whatever else you could get your hands on - just beating the poo poo (see I refrained from saying the "s" word) out of your cpu!

    Sorry borked - I know I am no help - but I sure got a kick out of your comment!!

    :D :D
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    damnyank: Well always happy to make someone laugh. But you should know that "demilitarize" is actually the correct word for taking off all restrictions on a specific computer on a protected network.

    jpoid: thanks, I tried it out and I like it (v2 ... I'm thinking about buying v3). Do you know a program that logs all port scans? I'm interested to know how often and by whom I'm getting scanned.
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    borked - I know a heck of a lot more about the military than I will ever know about computers on a protected network - but I am trying to get smarter and you have taught me something! Thanx!
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    I use the Firewall that is built into windows XP and I really like it. You can check the log to see who is scanning your ports as well as which ports open and close. You might also try that. It is very easy to set up and use. I think that you can only use that if you have XP Pro though :D
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    Juanus! BLAH!@OIU*)@#$*)&#$*(&#$
    thats what I think about the xp firewall :)
    Try tiny personal firewall - I'm its newest evangelist
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    I've used ZoneAlarm Pro and Sygate Pro.... both can do what you said can't be done... plus. with sygate you can log every network traffic... it can also do packet logging...
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    yes but not the freeware versions...
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    ZoneAlarm: right click the program you want, click options, click ports... and there u go... specific program controlled port protection.