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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by XpGuy1, Jan 9, 2004.

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    Can i have your opinions on back up programs. I don't normally back up but i think its time i start before i'm left high and dry one day ...
  2. phishhead

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    I personally use drive image and make an image once or twice a month on a separate hard drive then just take that hard drive out of the pc for safe keepin.
  3. Tweakfiend

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    The XP PRO Backup with ASR , backed up to a separate partition or cd drive, is free and really works.
    Saves paying out good money !
  4. SysProg

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    I use Stomp's Backup MyPC to backup to a hard drive in a removeable drive drawer. This product started out as a Seagate product, bought by Veritas, and now by Stomp.
    I have used a flavor of this product since Symantec bought PC Tools, maybe about 8 years ago, and killed off it's excellent backup prog.

    It backs up to almost all media types (tape, DVD, hard disk, ZIP drive, etc) and has the ability to create a stand-alone recovery set (one that you don't have to reinstall Windows in order to recover your system).

    A full hard-drive to hard-drive backup takes a little over 2.5 hours for 17+ Gig of data. This includes the time to compare the backup copy to the original. I do this out of habit from when I used tape and found that the tape media had gone bad.

    I have two hard drives that I use as follows:
    1) First Saturday of the month - take a full backup to drive A.
    2) Each Saturday after the first one - take an incemental backup to drive A (only backs up what has changed since the last backup).
    3) The first Satuday of the next month - take an incemental backup to drive A and then a full backup to drive B. Drive A goes to the office for off-site storage until the first weekend of the next month.

    I use this procedure so that I can go back from 30 to 60 days to recover a file.

  5. coathanger007

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    I do the same as Phishhead A.k.A. Adobo but with Ghost.
  6. jdn

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    Drive Image works great.
    You can back up over a network if you wish without having to find dos drivers for your nic card (sometimes impossible) .
    You can also backup without kicking out of windows.
    For file backup I use second copy.
    Simple interface. Many backup options. Will execute program stops and restarts
    e.g. close outlook, copy pst files, restart outlook.
    Does incremental backup.
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    I wish I could be that good about backing up