Best E-mail accounts???

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by busto, May 18, 2002.

  1. busto

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    Hey guys who has the best free e-mail accounts I've always used AOL but i think it's high time i did away with these pricks...Any suggestions??
  2. pc_tek

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    well... i havent found a good one yet since my 4email account went under or i would recommend them. they were great, no spam whatsoever.

    but anywho... here is a good place to start..

    Good Luck!
  3. pc_tek

    pc_tek Guest

    i just found and created an account.

    calender with reminders..
    file manager..
    color themes..
    3mb storage..
    a nice little icon in system trya to check email and send without logging in.. (nice touch)
    auto responder

    Popup ads (popup stopper kills em)
    Ads on page

    All in all.... thumbs up! Its free!
  4. mafia-man

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    Gr8 e-mail

    I got a gr8 e-mail acount from GMX they used to have both english and german sites but now its just in german However they do offer full pop3 and STMP support as well as 10Mb e-mail storage and support for sending reasnably large files.

    try :cool:
  5. SessedOut

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    I like to use I'm not really an e-mail freak, but because I'm leaving Hawaii to move back to CA after the semester I had to find an alternative to my DSL e-mail. Since MS is doing all kinds of weird crap to Hotmail everyday (always changing something) I thought I'd try and it works great.