best downlaod manager/ accelerator

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sy64004, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. sy64004

    sy64004 OSNN Addict

    What is the best download accelerator??

    I have used Gozilla (spyware and rubbish)
    DAP (pretty cool but has banners)
    get right (not bad, spyware??)

    Any ideas as to which is the best for XP???
  2. BigRandalo

    BigRandalo Guest

    i would say...

    FlashGeT. This is the best one for me.

    if u downloads it: for some advantage
    and adaware will kill the spyware :) (do not install any programs flashget tries to install and if there are some simply deinstall them before using adaware)
  3. andy_rose

    andy_rose Moderator

    why not just use Star Downloader ?
    works just like flashget and all those spyware\ad appz, besides this little app doesent have any spyware and such...
  4. sy64004

    sy64004 OSNN Addict

    Thanks guys for the suggestions.

    In the past I have used (cnet) to get stuff and I've always looked at submitted opinions and they all seem to bitch about something, is it worth listening to any of these reviews??

  5. PJC

    PJC Guest

    Only listen if a lot of people agree EVERY program will have something somebody does not like
  6. npfanz

    npfanz Guest

    Just watch out for stuff with spyware (which is pretty much anything free except star downloader - which I would highly recommend). Otherwise go with GetRight - good program with no spyware or adware but of course you have to pay to register it.
  7. stuy_b

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  8. maddog573

    maddog573 Guest

    Yea, I use FreshDownload from Fresh Devices also.. works pretty well no complaints doesn't appear to have any spyware either.
  9. GoNz0

    GoNz0 NTFS Stoner

    the year 2525
    Net Vampire 3, been using it years now.
  10. evilhomer

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    is one of the most robust. 10x more options then DAP.