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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by silent_bob, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. silent_bob

    silent_bob Guest

    wot do u think r the best set of nvidia detnoator drivers??

    Cos Im tryin to find a set which will give me a consistent 20fps in Medal of Honor - see sig for spec.
  2. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    It varies from card to card, really. I would test them all.
  3. silent_bob

    silent_bob Guest

    I have done but there all much of a muchness so i wanna c wot other peeps think
  4. stuy_b

    stuy_b Guest

    Well I have a GF2 Pro.. and have noticed very little change since the 23.11s.

    They are pretty damn fast (23.11s). The 28.32s were slooow, the 29.42s seem good though.. better image quality IMO.

    Try them.. if they dont do anything.. then go back and try 23.11s.

  5. dijital

    dijital Guest

    there is no "best" driver set. they work different with everyone depending upon your hardware setup. as previously suggested, i'd go and try each and see what works best for you.
  6. silent_bob

    silent_bob Guest

    kewl cheers guyz - i'll start d/l'in em now