Best Ad Blocking Software?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by hawk, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. hawk

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    I am wondering what the best ad blocking software is besides Adshield. I know Adshield is the best, but it gives me problems with XP where the shell restarts.

    I am looking for a program that is basically just a plugin for IE, one that doesn't stay running when IE isn't nor sit in the task tray. (Adshield does run even when IE is closed, but regardless, I can't use it.) Also, I would like it to be much like Adshield in capabilities where I can right click on an ad and add it to my blocklist rather than have to rely on some list that might have missed something. Also, if this program is free, that's even better!

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Darkwolven1

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    Most of the ones I know of are system tray based. The only thing that comes to mind is either an alternative browser. I use Netcaptor and I hardly see any pop-up ads, but it will not filter ad content inside pages you visit.

    HOWEVER, if you don't run a firewall yet, I would recommend giving Outpost by Agnitum [] a try. They have a free version and both the free and pro versions have a nifty customizable ad filter that filters out all ad content according to it's preset ad size and URL location filters and it is not dependent at all on which browser you use since ads are blocked at the firewall before they even get to your browser. Additionally, the AGNIS filter list which is also ported to Outpost is updated regularly and is freely available to update your filters. When I tried Outpost, I loved it so much that I bought the pro version. I wouldn't live without the ad filter anymore. The only drawback is that it doesn't filter the newer flash ads yet by default, but you can use another plug-in for the firewall for that.
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    I like popup stopper pro, but it is not free, i think it is US $20
  4. egghead

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    i use ad-subtract but its not free so i reccommend this freeware program for you
    it does what i think you want it to do
    you can ad any site you wish

    POW! (click here to download) v1.58 214k


    With all the cool things about the web (like my website), there's an even greater amount of really lame things, like those popup advertisements from sites like GeoCities and Tripod. After a late night of closing those damn windows, I couldn't take it any more, and AnalogX POW! was born! A simple utility, just run POW! while browsing on the net, and when one of those nasty popups appears, POW! will automatically close it for you... It's that easy! And that's not all... You can configure POW! to close any new popups that you run across, so if it doesn't close them already, you can easily add/remove them at any time. This is an absolute must for anyone who spends any reasonable (or unreasonable) amount of time surfing the web.

  5. mal1930

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    Hi, I second "Outpost" Peace Mal
  6. Octopus

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    the browser Mozilla has a built in pop stopper.EP suggested a program from ( not free)
  7. nivlo

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    try noads its free....but hav to manually add some pages....or Popup ad filter if yer know where to get it
  8. kohoutec

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    proxomitron gets my vote, it does sit in your tray, it acts as a proxy server, but it blocks virtually everything you can throw at it, popups ads, javascript dialogs etc etc, its small, not resource hungry and its free.
  9. Darkwolven1

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    Of the ones posted after mine, I would still go with Outpost or maybe Proxomitron. I hear good things about it, but I have never tried it. Adsubtract actually uses code from Proxomitron in its code. POW is great, but only if you want to block only pop-ups. Same for the pop-up filter in Mozilla. All great for pop-ups, but not if you want rid of all ads. Go with something that actually filters content and prevents pop-ups like I do. [I use Netcaptor's pop-up captor for pop-ups along with my Outpost, but Mozilla is quite capable of getting rid of pop-ups too] Then you will hardly ever be bugged. Sort of a double tiered solution and both zilla and Outpost are free.
  10. Kr0m

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  11. hawk

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    Thanks for all the suggestions but I am really looking for AD-Blocking software within webpages, rather than popup blockers. For Popups I will always use Popupcop because that is better than everything else I have tried.

    I have tried Promoxitron and Outpost Firewall and Outpost is decent because it is a firewall not just a banner blocker that has to run all the time and because it has a little trash can you can drag ads into. But I would really rather not have that trashcan up there all the time and would like the rightclicking ability like in Adshield. Is there anything out there like this?

  12. luish

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    In my opinion the best software is Advanced Popup Killer 2003, I really like it although you have to customize it, i really like it.
  13. NuclearSmegma

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    Flash Banner Ads

    haven't found better than Adshield. However, I see Yahoo! and some other sites are now using Flash banner ads. Anyone have input for removing those?
  14. egghead

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    i look at the ads within a site
    i also click some ads of interest to help support some websites

    i dont use an adblocker cause it replaces a nice pic with a statement


  15. allan

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    Of course the "best" is highly subjective. I use AdShield. It does what it's supposed to do, doesn't cause trouble, stays out of the way & it's free.
  16. Burpster

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    AdShield does it for me :) ....handles flash ads also

    i seldom click ads ...has to be a very special website
  17. hawk

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    You must have missed my original post where I mentioned that Adshield causes my shell to restart. I know it is the best out there, but I am hoping there is another similar product that runs as a plugin to IE and is similar to Adshield in most every respect (except the crashing).
  18. ssb

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    Get Ad-Muncher from and forget everything you ever heard about.
    A single 100Kb app that not only removes any popup, java, js, html, flash ads, AOL and other sidebars, any adware ads, but also act as a full blown web filter, anon proxy, IP scrambler etc. Countless features in the smallest package i've ever seen.

  19. Octopus

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    how many times have we talked about this so far?
    I think this is thread no 7 about AD Blocking!
  20. allan

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    Sorry sir - I did indeed miss it.