Belkin 54G Network Card installation

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by midland45, Jan 17, 2004.

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    I'm trying to test out a m8s Laptop on my wireless network (Belkin 54G). When I try and install the Belkin 54G Network Card in his Laptop (pentium 133) the laptop fails to detect the card during the installation. I know the 54G card is fine as it works in my Pentium 1Ghz laptop. Reading the literature I'm guessing my Belkin card will only work in newer pcmicia slots (Cardbus), so was wondering if an older (b) type wireless card would be detected and work.
    Anyone got info on this please
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    the only thing i can say is everytime i have tried to install a PCMCIA card into my Compaq Presario Laptop (see sig for specs) they fail, i have tried a network card (10/100) and 56k Modem and a Bluetooth Card, the laptop usually runs Win2k Pro but it changes regularly :D

    I am not sure whether it is an old hardware issue, or miss-compatibility issue? If it works in your 1Ghz Laptop which is obviously newer, then it would suggest to me that it was a hardware issue... i am not sure whether the older type card would work but if you could get your hands on an old/second-hand card, even for just a shot to test it before you pull up the cash :)
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    There is a very good chance that you have a 16 bit PCMCIA slot and that that card requires a 32 bit