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  1. i was wondering if there is a way that my computer is behind a firewall, and an other computer from home can access my computer without me turning off the firewall over the network. ALL COMPUTERS are networked and to paraphase it, i was wondering how to let computers on LAN access my computer without me turning off my firewall. CURRENTLLY i use zonealarm with a router. (LINKSYS 4 port DSL/Cable) i use cable. if thats addtional info 4 ya
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    if your using a router you dont need a software firewall the router is a firewall so just uninstall the firewalls and it should work
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    you can put the computers on you LAN in the trusted zone.... and then allow connection in the trusted zone...
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    Or you could just share the drives u want to access. OR If u want complete control over the computer i would recommend: RADMIN (Remote Administrator) Download Free version and then install the other thingys on the comps u want to access and boom. Screenshots, full control, power to reboot shutdown etc, and it has File transfer (drag and drop compat) AND!!!! It works with firewalls!!:cool: :D