Be careful when purchasing Toshiba laptops!

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    Toshiba makes a decent laptop, but if you buy one of their products do not think for a moment that your warranty will be honored! I had an adapter cord (and transformer) that failed, and it has now been 2 weeks that Toshiba has been "unable" to send me a replacement cord. They claim it is on "back order" with no date in sight as to when the part will be available. Of course (they tell me) I can go into a store and buy a replacement part myself (over $100) but they will not reimburse me for that - I will simply have to wait for the back order in order to have it replaced under the warranty provisions. In essence, they are telling me that - in all of North America - they cannot put their hands on one of their own power cords, even though I could just walk into any store and buy one myself! This, they say, is their "policy" - and the policy cannot be changed. In my book, this is not "policy" but rather consumer fraud - buy their product, assume that you have a warranty, but when it comes to fulfilling their warranty obligation you're told to wait indefinitely - or just go buy the replacement part out of your own pocket. Frankly, I had expected better from a company like Toshiba, and my experience has made me conclude that I should never consider buying another of their products - ever!
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    Those cords can be found for just a few dollars at places like Goodwill or PC recycling centers.