Battlefield or WInd waker?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by _DM_, Apr 29, 2003.

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    I was wondering which of these two games is really fun and enjoyable?

    Oh shoot I accidently spelled Wind Waker to Wind ****er! :D Sorry

    no problem :) since you felt so badly about it I edited the title of the thread :D - Sazar
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    not sure about Wind Waker but I can tell you BF1942 is awesome.. I am playing the Desert Combat mod pretty much exclusively..
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    battlefield!!!! wind waker is a worthless game. (ive played it leave me alone) BF got game of the year and I doubt the new zelda game will, its just not that good. BF also has lots of replay value and if you do like the new zelda game you can play it a few times through... but u can get into a BF game anytime your bored.
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    From IGN:

    Wind Waker is a masterful achievement -- a shining example, in fact, of how videogames should be made and a case study for developers wondering what makes a compelling game. Nintendo has once again evolved the action-adventure and created a gargantuan world that seems to overflow with mystery and challenge, an epic undertaking that streams across a wide-open sea and through countless islands, into several dungeons, and more. It's all knitted together with a storyline, but it's Zelda's unrivaled design, balanced and varied, and its polished play mechanics and control that ultimately set the game apart from just about every other competitor on the market.

    Think that says it all really.

    I have BF1942 myself and can safely say its OK. It is a game like so many others, something will be out in a week just like it...and probably better. Dont get me wrong, i enjoy playing it....but no more than playing RTCW, Spearhead......etc......etc, etc...etc. Go for something a bit 'different', something that will engross you from beginning to end, something with a story and not some mindless shoot em up, something you will remember in years to come (like previous Zelda games). I'd say go for Wind Waker.
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    I completly agree with you m8 :)