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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Burpster, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. Burpster

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    anyone using any type of monitor that measures your total bandwidth for broadband connections??

    my isp is less than happy with my upload/download stats

    being unemployed for a bit i have really hit my connection hard over 100 gigs downloaded in last 30 days doesnt seem like a lot to me??

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    Turtle Island
    Wow... 100 gigs! :eek: I bet they are unhappy. Who's your ISP?
    It's definitely not Sympatico(I think). Since they have implemented a Bandwidth Transfer cap per month. A couple of years ago my old ISP tried to set us up with a 5gig/mnth limit and anything over that we had to pay extra for. You're lucky they haven't disconnected you or sent you a nice big fat bill. A friend of mine in Oz got a big fat bill in the mail from his ISP for extreme usage.
    (/end of parental rant) :D

    At any rate, you could try a program called DUMeter .
  3. Burpster

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    thanks for the app bud ...dont need it now tho:) just gotta keep my uploads a little lower :)

    back to ravaging the net :)