balloon tips help!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by lordtwisted, Jan 13, 2002.

  1. lordtwisted

    lordtwisted Guest

    Man i tried everything dont know why they wont turn off, this is what i tried,

    EnableBalloonTips....DWORD 0 (does not work)
    DisableBalloonTips....DWORD 1 (does not work)
    Downloaded DisableBalloonTips from tweek section of this page(does not work)....

    tweakxp all that does is change, EnableBalloonTips....DWORD 1 meaning on and, EnableBalloonTips....DWORD 0 meaning off does not work, and i did it my self still does not work,

    tweak ui does the same thing.

    if anybody can help it would be great,

  2. Druce

    Druce Guest

    are you trying to enable or disable baloon help?
  3. lordtwisted

    lordtwisted Guest

    disable them!:D
  4. Druce

    Druce Guest

    hrmm, still looking....