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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by T-Bear, Dec 4, 2001.

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    Here goes.
    Had @home check the thru put of the cable connection and do some other testing. I have currently got 1400 - 1700Kbps download and 250-290Kbps upload from testing at 2wire, DSL reports and excite tier 2 techs.

    The problem.
    Lately when I play UT online I'm getting really crappy pings. It will start with lower than 100 pings then start climbing. Went as far as 4000! Tried it on different servers and get the same thing. When I ping the servers I get low count on hops and below 250 ms average.
    The stinger is, I can get into preferences and lower the netspeed from cable to modem, from 10000 to 2000, and choose 56K modem in preferences and the pings will lower and stabilize at around 150 for most of the servers.
    Using Windows XP Home, going to be switching to pro soon
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    Latest i heard @home was down...

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    This was even going on before the shut down.Cox@Hone didnt shut down though. They made n agreement for 90 days, till they can finish going independent from excite.
    THey whole thing was for excite to extort more money by breaking contracts, Cox and Comcast has moved some members to their own servers. Comcast has about 30% left to go and Cox will move the rest by end of contract. So excite and the judge, by listening to the bondholders has just killed excite.