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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Bman, May 10, 2009.

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    I currently have

    1TB Drive half full, running the OS.
    1TB Drive over half full having media on it, videos and pictures.
    500GB Drive half full backing up Install files and documents.
    500GB Drive almost full backing up some of the 1TB with media on it.

    I want to build one or maybe 2 (same design) to house at least 5TB of space. For storage and backup of all my media. My questions are these.

    Which drives are the cheapest and most reliable?
    What type of RAID is the best for this, or is RAID no good for this?
    If RAID, how do I go about setting it up? Tutorial please.

    Should I run a media server off of it as well, or leave it as normal? Yes it would be nice if I could allow other computers and devices to use the media on the server, but what I mean is, should I use a media OS/program, or just leave it as normal windows or linux.

    I move large files around all the time, what can I do to speed this up, I notice when moving one file from one hard drive to the next, it's slow, even slower when it's across my network.

    Any suggestions, ideas.