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  1. blay

    blay .:AgoraPhobik:.

    Central Florida - July 8, 2004
    New Features:

    Core | Show built-in plugins in config view
    Core | Fallback encoding for torrents (a-zA-Z0-9 type encoding with hex chars for others)
    Core | Numbers now localized to selected language
    Core | More "polite" hash checking...doesn't stress the cpu/system as much
    Core | Tracker seed retention limit added to limit tracker memory on torrents with high seed counts
    Core | Show Bad ips/banned ips in ipfilter window + allow clear/reset
    Core | Option to start torrents in a stopped state
    Core | Torrent removal rules. Initially to handle unauthorised torrents + AZ update torrents
    Dev | More features for torrent creation
    UI | New peer columns to help track leechers
    Plug | Experimental data upload facility for tracker web pages
    Plug | WebUI support for "host" operation
    Plug | Run the web interface standalone (outside of a browser)
    Plug | Option to keep hold of UPnP port mappings when closing Azureus

    Core | More sensible merging of on plugin update
    Core | Retuned tracker connect failure retry interval
    Core | Torrents downloaded by URL now named after torrent if not already .torrent
    Core | Performance of ipfilter checking improved
    Plug | Green colour used on tracker web pages now more legible
    Corrected bugs:

    Core | 99.X% / continuous hash fails fix
    Core | Basic plugin config model parameters not working in non-swt (e.g. console) mode
    Core | Fix for 'completed' announce event not being sent on occasion
    Core | Fix for occassional missing of resume data write -> recheck on start up
    Core | Bad peers not being detected on hashfail if they contributed all blocks
    Core | Better handling of "auto import" + default torrent save dir being the same
    Core | Strip resume data on open of new torrent
    UI | Fix bug where failed-hashcheck pieces never reappeared in Pieces view
    Plug | Web UI authentication for torrent download not working with default port URLs

  2. SPeedY_B

    SPeedY_B I may actually be insane.

    Midlands, England
    Using it right now ;)
  3. napalmnthemorning

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    I often run into allot of errors on startup. I've downloaded the automatic updates but I still get errors. It works fine when I close out.
  4. blay

    blay .:AgoraPhobik:.

    Central Florida
    I have issues w/ auto-updates, so I just update manually.
  5. RagnaroK

    RagnaroK Must be dreaming...

    I did have issues before... but auto-update seems to have fixed itself now... just updated a few minutes ago.