Automaticaly Backing up to CR-RW

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by lfgasnrg, Jan 3, 2003.

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    I'm sure this has been asked and discussed but I did a search with little success so I hope someone can help me.

    I have XP-Pro on a Gateway Solo with a CR-RW. I would like to set it up or get a program that I can set up to back-up files to a CD-RW automatically during the night. Any information would be helpful.

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    um........yea.........dang. Little fuzzy on the details at the moment.

    Quick outline:

    1) Have to format the CD-RW blank for r/w on the fly using roxio (or whatever 3rd party prog u wanna use)

    2) Setup the backup program (XP comes with one-can schedule) to backup whatever whenever at the intervals you want.

    3) When asked where you wanna save the data in the backup prog select the drive that the CD-RW is in. Need to leave the CD-RW in there all the time--at least make sure its in of course when the time comes etc....

    Any CD-RW will do, just not CD-R

    Quick search on will reveal how to use the backup prog built into XP-also has a help file but its pretty easy to use.

    Roxio is the only prog that I know of that will format a CD-RW so that you can r/w 'on the fly' instead of reformatting the whole thing---there are others out there but I just don't do CD-RWs so....

    Hope this helps, thanks! :)
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