Auto Switches to 2 speakers?!?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by FoundPx, Jun 3, 2002.

  1. FoundPx

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    :confused: --- :mad:

    i have an SBlive value pci, win XP Pro, and quad speakers with woofer. i havent had this problem until lately. it keeps switching to Stereo Deaktop Speakers in "Adjust Audio Properties" (right click on volume control in Systray) and i want it on quad speaker setup. i set it, apply, click ok, over and over and over, everytime i use any programs it goes back. THIS IS A NEW PROBLEM -- REPEAT: this wasn't happening a week ago!! anyone know a way to perm set it quad or something of the sort? its getting annoying. seems like it only stays in quad for about an hour!

    thanks for any help! :D

  2. bheagle

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    just a quick question, forgive me if it seems stupid, but have you installed any NEW software just prior to this happening?
  3. Tbird94sc

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    ive had same problem throughout the history of me using xp. i got the live xgamer card. i set it to surround sound and it goes to quadraphonic all the time. its annoying
  4. FoundPx

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    dumb speaker prob

    im guessing that its Grand Theft Auto 3 for PC... i just bought it, and surround works in the game. sometimes it works after i exit, sometimes it doesnt. now i just check to make sure everytime. VERY annoying. that's the only software installed rescently.

    FUN GAME! :D i love it, and it r0x0rs PS2... ps2 = crapola

    can't beat redone textures, more detailed city, better controls, ability to use mouse, and running at 1280x1024x32bit color full detail smooth and a babies arse!!

    so, as for my problem, im still dumbfounded. Counterstrike doesnt make it go stereo, i just played and checked setup again. still quad.

    i'll post if i think gta does it for sure.

  5. SkidMark

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    i've got an audigy with XP that's done the same thing as long as i can remember ... and yes , it is bl@@dy annoying
    i thought it might have been the creative software , but it wouldn't surprise me if it was XP
    how to fix it ?
    i got no idea :)
  6. Zedric

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    I have the same problem. Goes between stereo and quad seemingly at total random. Sometimes it's quad, sometimes stereo. The settings don't seem to matter. Updating drivers doesn't help either. Really weird. If someone solves the problem, POST IT HERE! Please.
  7. FoundPx

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    ..... grrrrr ........

    well, my problem JUST started, and i've had the card longer than XP and it wasnt happening before a week ago. :( mine also doesnt go back and forth, it just gets switched to stereo, and then back speakers get no signal. !MOY MALO!