auto running off a disk?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by forcer, Mar 27, 2003.

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    i sell alot of games to friends at school and such people but i often find them telling me they get errors saying "wrong disk inserted" so i have to go through the stages of telling them how to add the crack and even end up going to their house 2 do it i think its really annoying so i have been trying to come up with ways of doing it automatically successfully no ways.

    but here are some ideas...

    i edited the iso adding crack_installer.exe they run that and the crack installs straight into the cm4 folder.

    another way i thought might work is editing the auto run setup information..

    well any information would be great or ways on how to do it?

    thanx in advance

    ps non of those ways have been tested yet, i wanted feedback before i went ahead

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    you couyld also make your won installs for your friends. Check spoon install on
    you can specifiy what programs are run after the install has finished.
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    So you want us to make it easier for you to sell warez? Did you realize that it is illegal to make copies of games? The reason that it says "Wrong disk inserted" is because the originals that you are copying from are copywrite protected. I believe that according to policy you are not supposed to ask something like this. Take your "hacking" questions to IRC.
  4. forcer

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    sorry for asking i should read that policy lol.

    and thanx for ur advice :)
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    Yes, I'd suggest you do so before posting and asking for help with warez in the future.

    Thanks GoNz0 for the heads up on this thread :)

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