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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by TimmyP, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. TimmyP

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    Have seen some others post a similar problem, but unfortunately no solid answers...

    I am running XP Pro with a dial-up connection to the internet and when I use programs that need access to the internet, other than IE6 and OE6, the DUN screen does not automatically appear. This feature was available in Win95, 98, 98se, etc.

    Specifically... I use Opera and Dreamweaver's FTP function and when I open either one, they do not automatically connect to the Internet through the DUN screen as they did in Win98se. Is this a feature that's been removed in XP?

    Thanks in advance for any insight here......
  2. Mister Zee

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    The autodial box you're talkiong about is part of the DUN of windows. The program you want to connect with this way must talk to the dial-up networking to work. If the program has its own dialer (using winsock or something similar) then you have to configure that program itself. The autodial settings are under the Connections tab in the Internet Options (control panel or Tools menu in IE).

    The feature is still in XP, it's actually a part of Internet Explorer core files and DUN.
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    I sort of understand the Winsock thing..... But these are programs (Opera and Dreamweaver 4) that utilized the DUN in Win98se just fine. When I load them up in WinXP Pro, however.... no dice. There has to be a setting exclusive to Win XP that I'm missing.... DUN settings are all exactly like they were in Win 98se. Any other thoughts?