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    Either I have a ghost or something is up... When the telephone rings, my computer boots up from a totally powered off state! WakeOnLan and WakeOnRing are both DISABLED in BIOS and disabled in the modem properties of control panel. Also, I am using dial-up AOL. I cannot find any setting that would cause this. The weird thing is that my modem doesn't even support wakeOnRing feature, so I'm assuming its something else.

    Device manager gives the following:

    Device Type: 56k PCI Voice Modem SF-11561V R9A
    Manufacturer: Conextant
    Location: PCI Slot 3 (PCI bus 0, device 15, function 0)

    It also says the device is working properly (no conflicts)

    IRQ 11
    I/O range EC00-EC07
    Memory range DF000000-DF00FFFF

    My next step is to update the BIOS but otherwise the system isnt giving me any problems. I really don't like doing that unless I know that updating it WILL fix the issue.

    P.S. Somewhat unrelated issue: The BIOS update for my board says it adds support for AthlonXP2000+, but the compatibility list (at the same gigabyte site) says this board won't support any XP processors. Any ideas on this? BTW: its a revision "C" board.
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    talk to Pc_tek...he'll hook u up for an exorcism rofl
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    You might want to check your manual and make sure there's not a WOL jumper you need to add or remove.
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    Hey, thanks guys for your help.

    I actually fixed it on my own. I just moved it to a different slot. It was right next to my SoundBlaster Live card. I figured the ring voltage on the line was enough to possibly induce some turn-on signal in the adjacent card. As soon as i created a 1 slot gap, the anomoly stopped.

    I didn't even have to flash the BIOS.

    Thanks again!