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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sadsonic, Mar 9, 2002.

  1. sadsonic

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    I cant seem to run certain DivX movies with sound, I only see the picture, this has happened more than once, I have winXP, DivX 5 codec, Indeo and some other codecs, apperently its a codec microsoft dont have, cause it retrieves a file, installes it, and shows this message: error:80040200 ..

    plz. help!
  2. pmcartney

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    Just a thought, do a search for the Radeum MP3 Codec.

    It is at dvddigest or used to be in their download section. Used to be used popularly with Flask.

    I never needed it for playback but maybe your codecs are confused.
  3. sadsonic

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    Thanks, but I figured it out, I had installed DivX 5, never realizing that old divX movies wouldnt run with this codec.

    Solution: Install divX 3.11 Alpha..;)
  4. pmcartney

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    Yep I use the first release I think 4.11 I used 5.0 and hated it.
    Good work!!

    Thanks for the info!