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  1. EvilFranky

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    Right, i've just got hold of an ATI TV WONDER VE and set it up with XP...or so i think.

    Has anyone else got this card?

    It works fine with XP Movie maker and I've been using it with Uleads VideoStudio 6 aswell to record stuff off my PS2 and video recorder. But I don't seem to beable to record higher than about 320* that normal? Is that the limit of the card? Because i can't find any specs on it.

    With Movie maker, its just a maximum of 768kps...but with Uleads software, i just get an error message saying sumthing about not being able to create a graph or sumthing when i try to create a video at a higher resolution.

    Its got my head done in...

    The drivers that were installed don't seem to be proper XP drivers either, but the ATI website says thats what they are.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. neomits

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    I bought this card about 7 months ago and when I first installed it everything was fine. I think I did a reinstal of my OS sometime in there and now the card doesn't work anymore. I can't watch TV and I can't figure out the problem. They really need to release some new (and better) drivers, but I doubt that it will happen because their big area are the All-In-One Wonders
  3. xsivforce

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  4. EvilFranky

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    Well i've had a look and they look like just Radeon drivers, but cheers for the help.

    Neomits...what was the maximum resoltion u could capture at...and what software are/were u using?
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    Well according to ATI website this product should work under XP....I have the old ATi TV Wonder PCI and i'll tell you it works but not flawlessly. Why your not able to record above that res is unusual but doesn't surprise me with tv-wonders and winXP. This doesn't help you but if anyone has iussues running the standard ati tvwonder (or others for all i know) under XP and when you open it up the video is all scrambled this is easy to overcome. When you launch the tv wonder you can by either the ati multimedia menu or from the start menu...both are single click icons.... trying double clicking these single click icons and ....voila....working tv wonder....don't ask me how this works but it does...

  6. Brad

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    get the MMC update 7.1. also when i try to record something it saves it in .mp2 all of the players on my computer wont play this filetype....any help?

  7. neomits

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    I justed used the recording program that came with my ATI. I'll have to try reinstalling the drivers and some of the other programs people mentioned. I'll get back
  8. Pythro

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    I' ve got the TV Wonder VE and ever since I installed the thing has been acting strangly. You have to install the drivers manually and they don't seem to do the job. Hopefully ATI will release some new drivers.