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    Hi everybody!

    Just got an ATI ALL IN WONDER 9600 and i wanted to know if some of you that own the same card are having problems or were having problems with the video card. My problem is when I connect my vcr to my card nothing shows up?? . Ive installed my drivers and then i run ATI MULTYMEDIA CENTER and I go in configurations and click on PC CHECK to see if all my hardware passes and it starts ok , it gets to checking for drivers and thats when i get a MICROSOFT ERROR ( MMCCFG.EXE has encountered a problem and needs to close) If anyone can help me ?

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    Saz uses the AIW line of cards maybe try and get his attention with a pm ?
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    I've never seen that error before.

    What are you using to connect to the AIW card? The s-video or the other jacks?
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    Ahhh, all in wonder...

    Actually an older 9600 should be fine, not sure if they messed with the newer ones.

    I bet I know what is wrong :) You have to turn the antenna input in the ATI setup to the right input range (cable/broadcast) and enable channel 2 or 3 (usually ch 3) to be able to see the VCR.

    If you're not lucky here's the advice from ATI when I had my "issues" with an X800XL:
    1) Uninstall and reinstall the AIW and any multimedia devices (sound card, etc.). Use something like ccleaner.exe to get out any remnants of old stuff.

    2) Use the sequence they have posted on their website under FAQ's. If you don't load just right it can cause problems.

    3) With a 9600 I think you will have the external audio cable from the AIW to the sound card. That is agood thing. ATI admits sending the audio over the PCI bus in the new cards is problematic.

    4) Make sure you have the correct AIW multimedia files and ATI drivers that go with them. I beleive the drivers for an AIW are not the same as for the straight ATI cards.

    They made me uninstall and reinstall 5 times before telling me to pound sand (turns out it's a card issue with inadequate RF gain on CH3). Some drivers released 3 months latter improved it, but then it got crappy again with the most recent drivers.
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    The AIW 9XXX series cards are plagued with poor memory connections. Mostly seen in the 9800 Pro AIW series, but it does stretch back to earlier models.
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    Gentleman you guys missed the obivious its the macrovision. If you connect a VCR or DVD to the input of the AIW the macrovision will kick in and either you will have no signal or weird signal when trying to record.
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    Okay guys, I got you on this one
    ati 9600 all - in wonder
    and what a wonder it is.
    actually was able to get tv to work for a few months. I have owned this card for 24 months and it has been tough. foolish me for wanting to watch tv on the computer. anyway, here is a really weird one.
    One day I woke up and the program doesn't acknowledge my cable input. It just shows composite and s-vhs. Once that happens it changes the initialization setup and you can't get a tuner back. i've stumped ati.
    Have installed-reinstalled, upgraded downgraded and just feel degraded
    TV on demand always froze the system, but I was able to record and playback later (burning to disc the audio was never in sync
    Anyway, just wanted to add my misfortunes.
    Never able to upgrade because it keeps asking for a disc with certain files, even when I showed a path, it wouldn't accept it.
    Boy oh - boy-ati got the best of us on this card.

    Anyway-great super- that I watched on a normal tv....
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    I've only had macromedia issues with newer DVD players feeding into a VCR. Digital to Analog recording is degraded by Macrovision. Playing a tape on a VCR into an AIW card should not have caused a problem since it is an analog recording and playback. DRM does not apply to analog.

    Use the VCR CH3 output into the AIW cable input connector and see if the video is ok.