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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Zodiaq, Oct 29, 2002.

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    I recently benchmarked my 8500DV with 3DMark 2001 SE. It recognizes my GPU as an 8500/LE with the core clock @230 and Memory clock @380. I bought the Retail version. Isn't it supposed to be the 8500 GPU? which runs @ 275/550?

    Did I get shafted or what? I bought it mainly for the Digital Video features(not much of a gamer) but I am a little irritated about this.

    Any feedback would be nice.

    Where the hell is Sazar when you need him? I would think he would be all over this one.
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    yah the 8500 dv WOULD be recognized in 3dmark 2001 as an 8500/le version... thats a given..

    as for the clock speeds... the memory clock IS 230mhz mate... you were not shafted... the 8500dv is an all in wonder card and they have dropped the clocks... core is 230mhz and the memory is clocked @ 190mhz (380 ddr)

    thats the same as what you are getting :)

    if you get the regular 8500 AIW you get better clock speeds across the board... matching that of the retail... and I have seen some being sold clocked @ 300mhz core/memory (is 600 ddr)..

    so have you been shafted? nope... you are good to go in practically any game... max specs maybe not... but more than adequate for at least 1024x768 full specs :)
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