Athlon 4 (XP) or P4 for XP ?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Howling Wolf, May 29, 2002.

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    Today, what's the best cpu for WinXP Pro ? Let's clear this out, please !

    Another point:

    I'm going to upgrade to A7V333/AthlonXP1800+/AlphaPal6035 and would lile to be sure it's the best option (budget limited) ?

    Final point:

    With the Asus A7V333 and DDR2100 (256Mo), which possibilities will I have to overclock (provided I decide some day to do this) ?

    Thanx you all !
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    It's the one that works. So that would be both. :D
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    simply put as far as I know with the via 333 chipsets that msi and asus have I believe you can but 1 more gig of ddr memory at 2100 than with 2400 or 2700... 3 gigs v/s 2 gigs...

    thats a bit of a factor...

    thats the system that I am looking at getting too and I have looked at many SIMILAR boards such as the MSi with the same features except less/no usb 2.0 support... and the new abit boards... the asus and msi both run at under a hundred dollars... some websites have a listed combo with retail 1800+ xp and the 333 board combined at around 270-280 dollars and then you pay shipping...

    asus may be more overclockable... I have heard/read good things about it... and they are always reliable..

    good luck with the sys... btw I chose a retail CPU since I get an AMD fan with it... and it works brilliant anyway... my mate got a retail cpu and it is quiet as a baby sucking on a pickle... :D
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    either AMD or Intels latest processors work well with XP, both the IntelP4s and AMDXPs. Just depends wot u prefer.

    Oh and b4 any1 starts.. You CANNOT say one is better than other, as they both have seperate advantages / disadvantages.

    Asus A7V333 is good, but if you plan to go with AMD.. WAIT.. cos in afew months they are bringing out higher rated chips with faster FSB (166 on new amdxp's

    I wouldnt go for PC2100 memory.. its the slowest, get PC3000 , true 333Mhz, for your Asus board.


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    I hear the new Epox 8k3a+ motherboard is a great board also, extremely good for overclocking compared to Asus and MSI...from what I hear its better than those brands in the OCing....but it doesn't have USB 2.0. It only has USB 1.1. Might want to check into that one, hear it sells for about $100.
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    this is an endless debate, we've got so many threads on amd vs intel already.
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    Solteck makes boards with redstorm overclocking, it works. But for a system the asus a7v333 is the best option. In my experience, the asus baords always come out on top. Go with PC2700 ram. As for the best CPU... well microsoft has intel optimizations, but the AMD is alot more powerful for the price.
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    It warms my heart to see you guys say nice things about both processors. :() *sniff sniff*
    You guys are making me proud. :)
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    Not this topic again !!!!! :(