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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by IDLE, Mar 25, 2005.

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    has anyone delt with them on this?? their support in my mind absolutely sucks. on hold forever, and you cant understand a damn thing they are saying. the staus of my obo is packing. it was in that status for 3 days! how long does it take to pakc a mobo! lol oh well, just venting. wasnt sure if anyine else had the same trouble....or normality of Asus support.

    btw wasnt sure where to post this. sorry if im in the wrong area.
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    I have never had to RMA anything to ASUS before, but I have had to do it with dell. Dell, on the other hand, has great shipping time(got here in 2 days) and pays for you to ship it back, but the tech ppl are hard to understand. I guess you have to take the bitter with the sweet :). It seems like you have more of a case of bitter with bitter. Good luck to ya.