Asus Geforce2 MX V7100 Horror

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by d3c1pH3r, Jan 15, 2002.

  1. d3c1pH3r

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    hi all...

    i have an asus geforce2mx v7100 (before they came up with mx200/mx400) that plays up everytime i run a certain benchmark - FreshDiagnose... crashes abruptly and when i restart it says display driver failed to draw something and may need updating.

    i've heard of similar problems with geforces and xp, but nothing specific to my particular case.
    i updated the drivers to Detonator 23.11 from nvidia's site, to no avail, so i tried the asus site... and couldnt find any damned drivers for winxp (NOT something asus should be proud of).

    anyone have details of similar (or identical) problems? :confused:

    i have a Soltek sl-75kav kt-133a board with the latest drivers from Soltek, but i read about some 4-in-1 via thingy which i'll check out right now...

    all help greatly appreciated,

  2. Ci2e

    Ci2e XPert

    I have had alot of problems in the past with lock ups and have restarted my computer about 25-30 times b/c of it. (Isn't that alot?)

    I have heard alot of opinions concerning this matter and have heard alot has to do with the Sound Blaster line of cards (I believe)

    Hopefully ":someone:" with more information on this matter; :hopefully:!

    Good Luck :)
  3. d3c1pH3r

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    aww man...
    that's terrible!

    guess what - i got a sblive value as well... just the thing to make my problems worse eh....


  4. Ci2e

    Ci2e XPert

    Well just stay here and get as much feed back as possible and call some tech support to get some free information. You might be in luck and you might not.

    It's not like you have another choice in sound cards; Sound Blaster is the best and the worst at the same time! I think Creative is getting lazy; I just bought the Audigy Gamer and all that software that comes with it; slows the computer way down! which really sux- I'm gonna have to only use the drivers with no software.

    Choices, choices choices!- Life Sux!
  5. d3c1pH3r

    d3c1pH3r Guest

    on a side note, has anyone read the "Overclock your Graphics card in 5 mins" article under "Speed" in "XP Guides"?

    im just wondering how safe it is coz i just managed to set both my core clock and memory up to the max possible and it still worked without a hitch for 10 mins (i wasnt sure if it was a good idea to test Quake 3 on it before asking for opinions here)

    so what does everyone think?


  6. Helmer

    Helmer Questions R me

    I have the same problem..

    I'm just waiting for a solution to pop up - all these freaking blue screens are killing me :eek:
  7. Yodums

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    Just downgrading to a older drive. Possibly the 22.50's

    Try getting the Via4in1's to fix everything in the lastest Via's.

    Also clocking the old card didn't need extensive cooling to get maximum as I overclocked my old Asus V7100 Magic Series to the maximum, 210/400 with a lapped GPU cooler and thats it, no ramsinks.

    It helps a little big depending whether you have the 200 or 400 MX.