Asus A7N8X 1002 BIOS?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by melon, Feb 3, 2003.

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    I don't know if anyone has this yet, considering it was just supposedly released on 1/30/2003, but the Asus site has been terribly slow and the links for this BIOS have been not working on their download page.

    So I went into their German FTP site ( and found a 1002 BIOS. The problem is that the instructions I get on Asus Update are all in German, which makes me wonder if the BIOS is all in German, rather than English:

    Laden Sie VOR & NACH jedem Update
    im BIOS die "Setup defaults" !
    Ein BIOS-Update geschieht generell
    auf eigene Gefahr.

    FINAL = beta Status
    1002 = 1002.004

    aktuelle Beta-Biosversionen
    finden Sie stets unter:

    Can anyone translate that? Is the BIOS from the site actually in German, or are just these instructions in German?

    But when I went into the FTP and downloaded the file, now it says stuff like 1002 Beta 6 or 1002 Beta 3. Does anyone actually have the "Final" release, or are they all labelled "Beta"?

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    here is the translation that Google gave me:

    Importantly: Load BEFORE & TO each update in the BIOS the "Setup default"! An BIOS update generally happens on own danger.
    FINALLY = beta 1002 = you find status to 1002,004 current beta bio versions always under:

    looks like a beta too me:)

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    Btw: BIOS-files from this german site are in english.