ASUS 8460 Ultra Drivers Shortage

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by LoctOut, Oct 30, 2002.

  1. LoctOut

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    This is a GEForce4 TI4600 card, which all the write-ups say ahheres closely to the Nvidia standards. ASUS has released drivers only through 28.80, which work OK

    When I try to use the Nvidia drivers, like 30.82, or any others not provided by ASUS, it crashes my system. NE1 know of Drivers which for sure give better performance than the 28.80's that will work with the ASUS card?

  2. BonyTony

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    This asus site has....

    The Dutch site used to have the latest drivers all the time when i had my Asus G3ti500 this is the link to the dutch ftp site where they keep the graphic drivers for all there cards just go into the folder for your model of card also they normally have the latset utils as well.
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    I have an ASUS V3800Magic with a TNT2 M64 chipset ... and I'm using the 40.72 dets from nVidia's site with no problems. :p

    I don't think its a problem with the card. Try to uninstall old drivers completely before installing the latest dets.
  4. BonyTony

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    But with Nvidia drivers...

    They had no support for the utils provided by asus,if i used the asus drivers i could use all the asus features like vid-capture and the overclocking tool & gpu temp monitor.I see on the ftp site they have the 31.40 drivers which i presume have been modiffied by asus to support there products.
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    Ok, THANKZ! will try that out. I finally got the nvidia 30.82's to work, but you are right, the ASUS utilities aren't avialable. Will see if I can grab those 31's. However, I just RMA'ed the MB that card was being used with, so will be a while before I can check them out.