Assembling a new P4 System ---> Please Assist

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Cannibal Corpse, Jun 10, 2002.

  1. Deal All,
    I have been out of the loop for quite some time (I have still my Abit BX6 Rev 2.01 and my PIII 850MHz!), so I think it is time to build some new system:

    1 - What is the best P4 MoBo out there?
    2- What P4 speed is the best/overclockable right now (or in near future)
    3- What are the different RAM types? Holy moly: PC 1600 DDR, 2100, 2400, 2700...3000?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    p.s. How come I can't use an AVATAR for this forum? :D
  2. Eolis

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    Head over to and check out some of the articles. Very good info. I'm sure you'll find what your looking for....:D
  3. Thanks. I am aware of that site and many others (Anand's, Sharky, FiringSquad) but there are literally TONS of MoBos out there and I have slightest clue as to what to get and what type of RAM should I get.
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    You can also try for reviews about mobos and cpu's. I have read a lot of posts lately that praise the p4 1.6A (Northwood) for its overclockability.According to the posts one can go as far as 2.4gigs with this cpu with the standar intel heatsink.Try and the forum in for more.Hope this helps.:D
  5. Can you tell me what is the difference between a regular P4 and a 'Northwood'? (you see, I have been out for THIS long!)

  6. Kafros

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    I believe that the first p4 cpus were called Williamete and had a 0.18ìm core but the Northwood cpus have a 0.13ìm core.The Northwood is using less voltage to operate thus being better to overclock,thus having a lower temp when operating and being a much faster and better cpu.This is just something I picked up from posts,there is probably a lot more to the Northwood but I dont Know about it.
  7. Gary Pandher

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    use RD ram for sure
    unless a very fast DDR ram comes out :D
  8. Oh, what about the ATX 2.03 form-factor, shouldn't I need a new Case and Power Supply? Or can I still use my ATX case (Enlight) and its 250 Watts Power Supply?

    Thanks again...
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    I dont want to spark an AMD vs Intel thread but have you considered AMD? They just released the 2200+ which also uses a .13 micron and are darn good bang for its buck.
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    Sacramento, CA
    p4 boards have the new 533mhz front side bus. it uses pc1066 rambus memory which is the fastest out there right now.

    a lot of money though. if you're looking for honest value, think about amd.
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    alright p4 computer huh

    if i was going to buy a p4 system at this time i would go with a p4 1.6 northwood due to the 512 k cache and stick with the 400 front side bus due to the fact that you can overclock the front side bus up to 150x4. by that i mean the front side bus on a p4 is 100x4 and after you overclock the processor to 150x4 it should run at a stable 600 fsb you will need to beef up the cooling and also do the corevoltage trick to get it that high also put some good cooling on the northbridge def. hsf unless you want to go water cooling with water cooling you can go even higher oh and one more thing if you want to go with rambus go with it but i would stick with ddr because the latency is better on ddr and you can overclock the fsb on the ram as well and get it close to 450 500 depending on the type of ram and how aggressivly you set the ram cas and what not.
    best motherboard i have found and i am running is the
    SY-P4S-645DX DRAGON Ultra
    but if you wait 3 months to get a computer the serial ata boards will be out and so with the amd clawhammer which is what i would go with considering a 800 meg clawhammer stomped a p4 1.6 horribly bad
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    Re: alright p4 computer huh

    I think you mix things up here. That clawhammer is a 64-bit processor. Of course it's going to beat the crap out of any 32-bit processor! Please don't compare apples and pumpkins. ;)
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    Re: Re: alright p4 computer huh

    *sigh* ignorance within a flame

    the 64-bit clawhammer ran NO 64-bit applications there fore not even utilising the 64-bit abilities of its chip.

    It used only 32-bit applications therefore performing on par with the P4 which is a 32-bit processor running 32-bit programs. You may have a 64bit processor but a 32-bit program will only run at 32-bits and won't magically utilise the extra 32-bits just because they are there. Stop trying to defend P4's... they suck no end.

    btw... to the original poster... your first mistake was choosing to go P4... AMD outperforms most P4's (okay so the new P4 is actually faster but thats what happens when you got a 533 FSB) and your not being extorted for the chip. Your paying for the brand name. Btw... a Pentium 4 1.6ghz does not run at 1.6 at all times. It slows down rather regularly... (ahh crap... just look up Pentium vs AMD threads and you can read the facts. If you read all of them, all the Pentium lovers are obviously defending thin air.) Intel did well until the Pentium 3's (and they are doing okay now with the 533 FSB P4's but the cost is wayyyyyy too much. You could run a dual Athlon XP system for the price of a 533 P4.)