ASPI 4.71 Drivers Conflict

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dagrafixman, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. Dagrafixman

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    I have tried both the ASPI 4.71, and FIXASPI 1.7,
    but when I run the ASPICHK I am getting the top: WINASPI32.DLL Ver. 4.71:, and bottom: ASPINUM.VXD Ver. 4.71
    and the middle two drivers: WINASPI.DLL ; WOWPOST both Ver. 4.60.

    The 4.60 drivers do not work with my XPpro,
    so I have dumed aspi and rebooted, then installed the 4.71 drivers, but they the middle 2 (4.60 Ver). still remain after I install 4.71 and reboot.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    2GB PC2700 DDR
    Maxtor 40GB ATA133 HDD(raid)
    Maya II GV-R9700 Radeon pro
    Hercules Gamesurround III 7.1
    Coolmaster FRIDGE watercooler
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    I don't understand the way these new Adaptec ASPI drivers work... to be honest.. just stick with our ones in the download section of the site, they do the trick.
  4. Gus K

    Gus K NTFS abuser

    You only need the first and the last, the middle 2 don't apply to Xp
    Here's a pic.
  5. Dagrafixman

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    hmm I wish my aspichk looked like that but I get this:

    ASPI32.SYS 4.71.2
    WOWPOST.EXE 4.6 (1021)
    WINASPI.DLL 4.6 (1021)
    WNASPI32.DLL 4.71.2

    why doesn't the 4.71 remove the 4.60 that seem to be stuck on
    my OS XPpro
  6. Gus K

    Gus K NTFS abuser

    You never said what your problems are.

    Why don't you change WOWPOST.EXE to WOWPOST.EX_
    and WINASPI.DLL to WINASPI.DL_ and see what happens.

    That's how they are in my system. I hate to admit I can't remember if I changed them myself, but that is the way I do it when I want to bypass something. Better than removing, and easy to change back. I don't think it matters either way as XP doesn't really use these for anything.
  7. Dagrafixman

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    Thx Gus,

    I did exactly what you did, I worked perfect, now my ASPI for XPpro is finally working correct.

  8. Dagrafixman

    Dagrafixman Guest

    Thx Gus,

    I did exactly what you did, It worked perfect, now my ASPI 4.71.2 for XPpro is finally working correct.

    Much Appreciated,

  9. Dagrafixman

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    ASPI drivers 4.71 &4.72 Conflict Revisited

    Thx again to all who replied, I appreciate your help!

    I might have stated this before, but I have Win98se,ME,XPhome, & XPpro on a Quad Boot setup.

    I have my ASPI drivers set up as Gus stated in a previous reply,
    with the WOWPOST.EX_ , WINASPI.DL_ so that they are disabled, and the ASPI32.SYS 4.71.2
    WNASPI32.DLL 4.71.2 are enabled.

    Roxio CDcreator 5 Platinum with no problems on XPhome&pro.

    I however, have 3 programs, that in combination, enable me to create VCD back ups of my DVD collection. without a DVD-R

    These programs, Smartripper 2.41, DVDx2.0, and VCDeasy1.12
    all work on ASPI drivers to function properly, on Win98se and ME
    eveything works fine, but on XPhome&pro the DVDx creates MPEG files with a translucent, lightgrey overlay with
    Horizontal lines from top to bottom.

    The strange thing is that after booting into 98 I ran the DVDx program, and it did the same thing,as it did in XP,
    untill I forced the 4.60 ASPI
    back in and rebooted, then it worked fine.

    It seems that every time I use the ASPI in XP, it changes the version in Win9x on bootup:( . It does not bother me, I can
    quickly Reinstall the 4.60 back and reboot again for the 9x versions of windows.

    If anyone has had this problem, or can provide input, on why my XP versions are changing the ASPI drivers on the Win98se&ME partitions, I would greatly appreciate it!

    I can always use the9x versions to back up my DVD's but
    XP is so much faster with these programs, it just makes sense to use it, if I can get this straight...
  10. Dagrafixman

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    ASPI drivers 4.71 &4.72 Conflict Revisited

    Attached find an RAR file with a small clip of the MPEG,
    to show example of problem, normally the MPEG would be, the same as any other MPEG, but this is what I am producing.
  11. Dagrafixman

    Dagrafixman Guest

    has anyone who viewed the file ever seen anything like this?