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    OK, this must be a very very simple question for ASP programmers to answer.
    After I have gathered all the information I want from the user and after
    the user has clicked on a submit button, how do I make an operating system
    style call on the server.

    Now, I have already figured out how to create a function call in the ASP
    development environment that is called when the user clicks on the submit

    So my qesttion is to how to create a system level command through ASP.
    Specifically, I am using ASP.NET. Let me explain further. I have just completed
    a program that is very simular to the #3 AJAX demo that Joe Strgner has made on where he gets users to select from a group
    of "CascadingDropDown" control extender classes. When the user has selected
    from the third drop down control, a label is custom formatted and displays the
    group of selected options.

    What I want to do is this. After this is done, I want to have a "submit" button
    on this page which, when the user presses it, a call is made on the server side
    that will include the users selections as parameters.
    Something like this, for example:

    "CALL SOMEPROGRAM.EXE " selection_1, selection_2

    I need to have some information specific to the user included in the submit.
    We are on an intranet and each user has an alias. How do I snag this information?
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    generally not a good idea.. if you're dead set to do it, and, assuming your server has Windows Script Host, you can run
         set wshell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")  "c:\someprogram.exe" 
         set wshell = nothing 
    But, like I said, generally a very bad idea to take input from a user and allow that input to be passed to a program that will execute on the server side.

    There used to be a 3rd party component that would allow you to do this as well (ASPExec from ServerObjects) but I can't seem to find it on their website anymore.