Artec 52x16c dvd-rom/cd-rw combo problem

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Garde, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. Garde

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    I recently bought an Artec 52x16c dvd-rom/cd-rw combo drive, 52x24x52x16x, and I was able to burn a few CDs with it.

    After I installed Windows XP Professional SP2, I could no longer burn CDs because my cd-rw drive does not detect cd-r's in the drive, and it asks me to put a cd-r in the drive even though one is already there. I have tried placing several blank cd-r's in the drive, so it's not the cd-r.

    I uninstalled SP2 hoping that would solve the problem, but instead I encountered more. My computer rebooted 3 times when going through the log-in process on Win XP SP1, and I was eventually able to get my computer running without rebooting by ending certain processes (I think).

    My CD-RW drive was no better off in SP1 than it had been in SP2, though it had previously worked before I had installed SP2. I went into my device manager and uninstalled the drive, rebooted, and that did not work. I checked the properties of the drive to make sure cd writing was enabled, it was. I have no idea why all of a sudden the drive's cd writing capability has been lost.

    I am going to install the lastest firmware for my drive tommorrow (which will hopefully solve the problem) when I wake up, but I was wondering if the problem was caused by SP2 or if my drive might have died on me after only 5 burns and 9 days after purchase...
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    I think the best thing to do to start would be to unistall that IDE controller from Device Manager and reboot. See what happens then.

    Are you running any packet writing software?

    What kind of blanks are you using?
  3. Garde

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    It turns out the CD-RW drive died on me.

    I turned it in for a brand new one (it was under a 15 day warranty, lucky me), I installed the new one today and it works just fine.

    It must've been a coincidence that it decided to die right after I installed SP 2... :/
  4. Osoman

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    where you able to fix your problem, my drive does the same thing and the 15 day warranty its over. Stupid frys electronics store. Aniway, can you please help me fix my drive i dont have any money to buy a new one and it took me 5 month to save to buy that on. Please help me
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    Would be good to explain your problem Osoman. :) What operating system? What burning program & version? Etc.