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  1. Sinster

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    Ok I got back into windows. Now it rearranged my drive letters.
    I changed them back except for one. Which is my swap file partition. Let me step back for a second to explain my layout

    20 gig HDD
    Partions as followed
    c:\WinXP 4 gb
    e:\Programs 15 gb
    f:\swapfile 1 gb

    4 Gig HDD

    Nows its


    ok when I went to change drive letters I change programs to E:\ and swap to H:\

    So once the change in letters where made. I wanted to change the swap file back to f:\ But F:\ isn't showing up. So I went into where you set the swapfile the PROGRAMS files showing up as E:\ and F:\

    I would like them back to they were before my not being able to boot into windows ordeal. Programs in the registry will be looking for E:\ not F:\
  2. Qumahlin

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    What your gonna have to do is goin into your control panel and open up computer management and then use the disk management tools to change the letters and such. I vaguely remember their being an option to swap drive letters and it will change the drive letter instances in the registry for you, i'm not 100% sure but give it a look see and lemme know ifya have any trouble