Are No-CD cracks considered illegal? Reason for needing one inside.

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Codasmd, Dec 15, 2002.

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    While playing AoE Conquerors online with some friends, my brothers comp hangs about every 5 minutes.
    He has an old Compaq Presario that runs at about 550 Mhz. He finally determined that it was his cd-rw. He had to take out his cd-rom in order to put in a decent sound card. So he uses his cd-rw for reading and writing.

    If that is in fact the problem, I would think that a no-cd crack would work for him?

    Considered illegal or not?

    And would a basic google search help him in that area?

    His game is legit, by the way.
  2. Geffy

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    I have a fully legal version of NFS3 but I cant get that to work in XP without a No-CD thinger and some registry hacks.

    So I think that as long as the game is legal then it is acceptable if you need it to get the game to work.

    But I cant mention any places to look in this post.
  3. Electronic Punk

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    Obviously the majority of people using no cd cracks are going to be users who never paid for the software, that is the aspect of cracks we do not accept here at xp-er... ntfs.

    We have posted a no-cd crack on teh frontpage here or there :)P) as games that refuse to run properly, due to new copy protection schemes, and need a crack to actually allow the legit user to play the game.

    I remember reading that cracks are not illegal as tehy are seperate programs, but when combined with they make it illegal as they make the game act differently and modify copyrighted data, also cracks are very unreliable (reverse engineering and trying to find out how to bypass teh cd checks etc, very chancey)

    Of course, in this case, as you claim to be a legit user, we won't tell you where you can find these cracks, but suggest that you contact the makers of teh gmae as they may have already found a solution to the problem.
  4. Gus K

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    Why the fancy reasons?

    Can't it just be I'm tired of having to dig out/put away the disc? And tired of hearing the CDRom drive spinning up?
  5. Sazar

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    no cd cracks are not really warez.. certain games perhaps.. some people using them... perhaps... because they have illegal versions and want to bypass that...

    but basically the reasons that have been put forth are valid... it is OUR product after all...

    RtCW for me works without a CD and its brilliant because I only have 2 atapi drives... can't be bothered to keep switching cd's :)

    some games COME with no cd patches by the manufacturer... but for the most part the reason the manufacturer has the cd requirement is a kind of anti-piracy method... thats it... not most convenient but I can understand where they are coming from..
  6. Cairo

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    i normaly make an image of the cd and use daemon to mount it the game then looks at the *image* and sees ut as the cd

    no crack and it works for 90% of games

    hers how

    open clone select write inage

    chosse the writer

    Now you'll see a group of four icons, right-click the one that says "Game CD" and select "EDIT...".

    Set things as follows:

    Data Read Settings: Read Speed Data = Max;
    Read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks = checked;
    Regenerate Data Sectors = checked.

    Audio Read Settings: Read Speed Audio = Max;
    Audio Extraction Quality = "Best (slowest)";
    Read SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks = checked;
    Only Read The First Session = NOT checked.

    Error Handling:
    Fast Error Skip Settings = Automatic;
    Abort on Read Error = NOT checked;
    Don't report read errors = checked;
    Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner = NOT checked.

    Click "OK".
    Click "Next". Browse to a folder\file for your image file.
    Check Create "Cue-Sheet".
    Click "OK". CloneCD will take a while to create an 1:1 image copy of your bf1942 CD (either 1 or 2).

    point the Daemon Tools Virtual Daemon Manager in your tray to the image file you just created. Right click on the tray icon select:

    Virtual DVD/CD ROM - Device 0: [X:] No Media - Mount Image.

    Now navigate to the IMAGE.CCD file you just created and select Open. If you look in explorer or My Computer now you'll see an X: drive with BF1942_1 or _2 mounted. Be sure you remove the game CD from your CD reader.

    Start the game. It should load, run, connect as if you had the CD in the drive. Now put your game CD's in a safe place.
  7. koko

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    of course they aren't illegal.

    people who don't use them simply enjoy fishing around in the drawer for the game cd. :D
  8. leedogg

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    What Cairo said. This is how I store all my games - aoe through aom, nwn, wc3 and windows xp. I simply mount the image I need instead of swapping cds. Saves lots of time and is very convienent.
  9. BonyTony

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    I asked the same question a while ago read the replies.

  10. TechSupport

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    EULA states that the software should not be modified or anything for the purposes of piracy (i think it was mentioned like that in the other thread bonytony linked to just above).

    so if you have the original legit cd, then using a no-cd crack is piracy?? lol, i wish they'd make one explanation of the term "piracy" and stick to it... they keep changing it to suit the situation.

    if you own the original, its legit.
    if you dont, go an buy it... dead easy :)
  11. melon

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    For U.S. users, no-CD cracks are in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA), which states that if a company puts in a copy protection scheme, it is illegal to do anything to compromise it. The language of the DMCA essentially guts out all fair use legislation, and, in instances like this where a no-CD crack would make legitimate sense, it is still illegal.

    But we have to do what we have to do, and, considering that you own the software in question, I cannot imagine a court could successfully prosecute you for the way you are using it.

  12. Luna64

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    I was about to say that melon :)

    But I still think they are illegal.

    Yet if you own the game, I don't see why you would not be able to use one.