Aopen geforce 4 Ti 4200

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by GhaLeoN, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. GhaLeoN

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    heres the card,

    What does everyone think of me buying an Aopen vid card? Will you laugh at me? Im pretty sure these guys arent renowned for making excellent vid cards, but is this one decent or what?

    The reason is, that I can get this card for 300$ canadian, compared to 400$ for most other cards.

    I've read a couple good reviews on this card, does anyone have one?
  2. Timeo27

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  3. pappcam

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    If you shop around you can get any GF4200Ti for $300.00 or less. I'm assuming you're Canadian. My card(check sig.) cost $299.00 locally here in Regina. If I can get that price here you should have no problem getting any brand you want.
  4. GhaLeoN

    GhaLeoN Guest

    its hard to explain, but I can only shop at this one place to get this card for free - it will still cost $$$ but it won't be mine im spending ;p

    i can get that Aopen card for 320$ and a visiontek Xtasy for 400$

    Is it going to be worth the extra 80$ ? Will the Aopen card give me any probs?
  5. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    prices .. prices .. prices ..
    If you need a good card you must also think on a good brand .. My solution ( of cards generations ) is Leadtek ..

    Prices here
    1.MSI Geforce4 Ti4200 = 278$
    2.MSI Geforce4 Ti4600 = 360$

    Try to think before buying somethin
  6. Timeo27

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    Might help if you post where those prices are from, Cosmin.
  7. GhaLeoN

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    no, you guys arent listening

    Im getting either that Aopen card, or that visiontek card at no cost to myself, but at a cost to someone else.

    So, money is a factor, but not that much b/c its not my money, get it?

    so is the visiontek going to be that much of a better card for the 80$ or what?
  8. wyrlwyn

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    i got my msi geforce4 ti 4200 128mb for 190 dollars on, were the hell are you guys spenging 300 dollars on a low end card?
  9. GhaLeoN

    GhaLeoN Guest

    lol dood,

    read the post hehe. I'm canadian, so I pay more; yay! lolzlooll
  10. rodneyck

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    Funny, I was going to buy this same card from, but instead got a Ti4200 card from It's probably about the same quality, lol. It works great, no problems, and the best part was the price, a steal.
  11. Taurus

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    Sacramento, CA
    Aopen card should be fine. matter of fact, i'd try to stay away from visiontek since they went under. they don't exist anymore so you won't have any real warranty.
  12. GhaLeoN

    GhaLeoN Guest


    I just ordered the Visiontek actually, but I could cancel the order.

    Altohugh I'm sure they would have something in place if something wrong happened to the card at the store... perhaps give me a new one
  13. rodneyck

    rodneyck Guest

    Visionteks were nice cards, my first one was a GeForce 3, still runs like a dream. Yeah, you are taking a chance that something is going to go wrong, but if the store has a 30 day return policy, then chances are if it's going to break, it will happen before then, unless you overclock. lol. :p
  14. GhaLeoN

    GhaLeoN Guest

    won't be overclocking the beotch :p
  15. Kevin Ar18

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    Get a Radeon 9700 Pro if you are gonna spend $350 to $400. It beats the Geforce 4 in near if not all 3D benchmarks.
  16. GhaLeoN

    GhaLeoN Guest

    too late

    went with the visiontek :p

    and it is running sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
  17. rodneyck

    rodneyck Guest

    nice dude... enjoy!!!
  18. FoSsiL

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    HOT deal. Geforce 3 ti500 64mb for $97.00

    Site Here
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    the best results come for gainwards 4200