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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Hockeyfan, Jun 25, 2002.

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    Hope someone can help me with this -- one of my daughter's long distance chat friends had bought a HP Computer with XP that came with 6 months free MSN. The 6 months is up and they have gone back to AOL; however the friend is no longer able to access/use MSN Messenger. My daughter has tried to help her via emails, which is difficult and even tried on the phone yesterday for over 30 minutes, with no success.
    Anyone else had or heard of this problem?
  2. Iceman

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    I don't use AOL (never will either), but from what I understand AOL blocks the use of MSN messenger, you might have her try Trillian, which I understand works with both. only read this have no experience with either.

    good luck :D
  3. 2z

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    <<<<< same problem - my workaround - reboot - enable firewall(any firewall if you've not got 1 - get 1) connect to net wait for buddy list to appear - disable firewall - now try MSN Messenger.
    good luck :)
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    My daughter just told me that her friend can't even sign into MSN Messenger since the free 6 months expired, therefore can't get to her Buddy List. She gets a message popup saying something like "make sure your connected to the internet" everytime she now tries to sign in.
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    Easy fix, use AIM or Yahoo!

    Even better fix, ditch AOL and get something locally, that would also improve download/upload speeds.
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    I use AOL and have no problem with my MSN Messenger. There could be a couple of possiblities for her problem.

    Since she changed ISP's, Messenger may not be detecting the change. Uninstall Messenger, then reinstall it. See if it'll detect you new ISP settings now.

    If that doesn't work, it could be that since the "trial period" expired, MSN is treating it the same as if she had deleted her user ID. If that's the case, they'll freeze the user ID for 6 months (so someone else doesn't get it and start getting messages from people they don't know). She might simply have to get a new Messenger ID.

    Hope this helps.
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    AOL unlike other ISP's which act as a plugin to Explorer decided to implement thier own way of accessing the Internet at quite a lowish level.

    With each revision of Explorer and AOL (which appears to be almost monthly) new inconsistent peculearities appear. Never could spell!!. (Any-one know of a spell checker that works within this window?)

    Look at your TCP/IP settings and compare them with the original documentation from AOL (which you printed out? DOH!). If you forgot to print them out then suspect that your tour from AOL to other sites (especially MSN) has the TCP/IP Header Compression set correctly, some ISP's require this turned OFF.

    Even more confused

    Dave H
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    Re: AOL

    Here's a little spell checker.
    Works well in this post and can be added to your IE toolbar. I use it all the time.