anyway to setup ftp on xp home w/o a proggie

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mikill, Jan 17, 2003.

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    is it possible to configure xp home to be an ftp server w/o using a program to do it?
  2. yes iis (used to be called pier web services in NT now they use the same name as server uses for Internet information services(iis)) is part of xp(you already paid for it) you just have to load it, it doesn't do it by default.
    go back to where you load windows components and add iis, will prob ask for disk as it loads, it will give you the ftp and web services (read the help files they are very good in xp for explaining what and how to do stuff)

    although theres a limit to concurrent connections, 5 on home and 10 on pro.

    you can load whole thing or just ftp service or www service or whatever you need
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    no go on that windows component deal, i had already tried that and because it doesn't show up for me is why i asked here.

    my thoughts were that it is hidden in the home version maybe? if so, there has to be another way to access it other than through the add/remove windows components area? maybe?

  4. appearently they hid it but ive heard of a fix to add it to add/rem list let me find it...................
  5. found it

    Apparently IIS is on the XP Home disc, however when you go to Add/Update components its not available so....

    goto c:\windows\inf and open sysoc.inf in notepad

    look for a line that says something like...

    and remove the word 'hide', the line should now look like this....

    save the file, reboot for good luck, then go to add/remove windows components, and if i'm right IIS should be in the list, and you can install it!!

    hope this works, i dont run home on any but know others that do

    used to have to unhide the games item in 2000 that way to remove it from work computers as it is hidden by default in 2000
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    i did that and above accessories and utilities a gray diamond shows up, but there is no info on that item in the list. when i put hide back in, that diamond in the pic below goes away. im thinking that is the iis component, but if u might have different input, please let me know. appreciate u looking that info up for me.

    hey i just tried to check it and it wouldn't check, so i hit details and there was some stuff there, but no iis and wouldn't let me check any thing there either. i'm not sure why though. :(
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    here is the details window. i can't check any of the components here.
  8. do a search on " iis xphome" thers a few links with other walkarounds like using two files from 2000........ seen a bunch of ideas \ from what i read they killed the iis.dll file somehow in home

    i dont need them, run pro on everything, so not seeing if they all work but go for it
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    with IIS make sure you have it config'd and patched up fully ....its the most exploited program you could imagine :)

    ppl scanning for it constantly
  10. yea whatever....... thats beyond this
    have to get it loaded first, thats his question

    and just having ftp loaded is not bad, www services is where most problems can arise anyway
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    oh!! pardon me for commenting ....
  12. no, just everytime iis is mentioned some always says its so unsecure, so is unix just people put more effort in cracking iis cause its microsoft....... just like the intel/amd argument...

    your free to comment even if it doesnt help
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    i've found info on workarounds, but when i try to expand the 2 files they are mentioning, it tells me at the command prompt,

    can't open output file c:\blah blah

    the command they are showing to do so is, 'expand d:\i386\iis.dl_ c:\temp\dll2.inf' and i'm not using the quotes either when trying to do this. any idea why it's doing this?

    btw: i do have a legit win2k pro cd, which is suposed to have iis. but get the same error when trying to expand off the cd.