Anyone using TweakXP ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dllb, Dec 11, 2001.

  1. dllb

    dllb Guest

    Was curious if tweakXP is worth the money or is there something that works better or for less ?

  2. AmarSingh

    AmarSingh Guest

    tweak xp is a decent not sure how much it costs, but you get 50 executions with the trial version. X-setup is a very good tweaking program too with lots of options.
  3. Howling Wolf

    Howling Wolf We did not deserve this !

    Amongst the Native Ones
    Tweak-XP is worth 29$ and a few cents.
    So, is worth buying it for what it does ? BTW, what does it do really ?
    Thanx !
  4. George

    George Guest

    Go to their HP ... there is all you need to know ..
  5. AmarSingh

    AmarSingh Guest

    i wouldnt pay $30 bucks for it..........but that might just be me........its a great program with a good UI but there are a lot of other programs that can do most of the stuff that tweak xp does for free. ie x-setup, tweak ui and others
  6. AndyP

    AndyP OSNN Senior Addict

    It's really worth the money, you have to run ALOT of other tweak programs to do the same job!
  7. 1bLaDe1

    1bLaDe1 Guest

    blah, just crack it :p


  8. Gobbles

    Gobbles Guest

    anyone got the url for X-Setup?
  9. dllb

    dllb Guest

    Has anyone cracked it yet ???
  10. 1bLaDe1

    1bLaDe1 Guest

    oh umm sorry lol, but i just said crack it, didn't tell da suckas where to get it from:p

  11. dllb

    dllb Guest

    Opps, sorry. Didn't want to know were it was ...Just asked.
  12. phatphunky

    phatphunky Guest

    Here is the interesting thing about Tweak XP... If you install the trial version, make all your changes and then un-install the program, you're still left with all the changes it made to the registry...


    UPDATE: Here is the URL for X-Setup...