Anyone use webcams to chat?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Hilroyy, Dec 26, 2001.

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    I want to talk with a friend of mine using webcameras. I bought 2 logitech quickcam pro 3000 to try. I have a cable connection while my friend has dialup. Is the video and audio decent or not worth the time. It comes with netmeeting but I would like to use messanger to video conference because we both have xp, how does this program work for you?

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    a dial-up connection will degrade the video like mad. when I used to use dial-up, I could not download AND upload at 4K/sec at the same time. it was one or the other. So, thats about 32kbps of video and audio. translation: not enough. I say just stick with audio if your friend has dialup
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    Another option for video conferencing is to use CuSeeMe. The free Cornel version of CU works great with the QuickCams. You can download the Cornel version from If you have any problems getting it setup there are just go to the message board at (its the BBS link at the bottom of the page) or there is another message board at
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    I am in communication with another person who has broadband and we both have Logitech Webcam plus and are using MSN messenger but we cannot get a video and audio connection going without a lot of distotion white noise and continual stops and starts when talking to one another. Any ideas on what is wrong TUNING? any software tips Please it was a Christmas present and I ma thinking it is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard!!!
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    Oh dear that was an OLD thread!

    Anyway, bandwidth problems? What are your connections?