anyone use myIE2

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cwalker2734, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. cwalker2734

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    I downloaded this Internet Explorer conversion / overhaul last night, and so far I love it. I was wondering who else has played around with it, and if there are known "issues" with it, which I need to be aware of.

    You can get it @:
  2. Petros

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    No real issues that I've seen, except when it gives all the other programs focus. It's a minor annoyance, but it doesn't happen often. I'm sure they will fix it in the future.

    You can add your own searches to it as well. I added,, and, and a ripe whois search. You just type "u", "d", "t", or "whois" before your search in the address bar and you get it!

    Just unzip this setupcenter.ini over your original.
  3. vern

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    I've used it ever since I stopped using Opera 5.x and when it's url was still Pop-up stopper is not always very bright. I downloaded the latest version a couple days ago, and it seems to have problems with minimizing when it blocks a pop-up. Other than that, no gripes whatsover. Probably the most useful tool it has is the collector ... think of it as post-it notes. heh.
  4. cwalker2734

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    Yeah Ive noticed the pop-up killer just stops EVERYTHING, like most software it will take some tweaking. What I really like is you CAN tweak it, where IE is not very flexible.
  5. lechtard

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    MyIE is a great app, I love it, it's way better than avant. I wish they would fix the popup stopper, and integrate a spell checker with it though. Other than that I have no issues with it, it works perfect ..
  6. leedogg

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    my favorite is that a lot of IE plugins also work with myIE I refuse to use any browser that doesnt support ai roboform. Yeah that popup stopper has issues, but I can live with them until they get fixed =) I also like how this uses IE favorites instead of its own seperate..that way I can keep the 2 in synch
  7. cwalker2734

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    did you say, "that way I can keep up with nSync ??????"

  8. coathanger007

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    Aquafusion is by far the best skin for it.