anyone recommend a web-host with php&mySQL?

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    Hi all,

    I'm building a site for my dad's (small) business. At the moment, I'm using lycos's free hosting with PHP and mySQL, but we're looking to go onto a 'pro' hosting package - the ads on Lycos/Tripod are really annoying (and not very professional looking for a business site).

    Lycos does offer some very cheap packages (eg. about GB£5/month) gets you something like 100MB, and more importantly php/mySQL without any annoying ads.

    However, I've heard bad things about downtime etc.. and I'm not that impressed with the speed of the servers we're on at the moment. I suppose the 'pro' packages might be on different servers, or have more bandwidth available, but I've got a bad feeling that we're going to be disappointed with it.

    We have a domain already, which we'll want to transfer to the new host, and I want the URL to show different pages (i.e. not be like a frames/redirection where you just get the one URL with no paths or parameters no matter what you do on the site).

    The lycos service offers a very easy to use database admin tool, but I'm quite happy to use any method (within reason!) of accessing the database. I had to write a java app to administer an ORACLE database over the web recently, so I'm sure any web-host's own mySQL admin tool will seem a breeze!

    Can anyone recommend a decent host? We're happy to pay for a good service up to a point, but a host where you can start off with a modest package & upgrade later if all's going well would be good.

    Thanks all - and sorry for my usual long, waffling post!!


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    Hosting 4 Less
    They have an OC3 backbone and offer inexpensive while competative service. I used them for nearly 2 years and didn't have one complaint.
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    thanks for the replies fellas - I'll have a look at those sites.

    have a good weekend!